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Sunday, February 17, 2019

I have never experienced insecurity: tabu

From the 1996 movie Machis to the 2018 film Anhadhun, we have introduced the stage identity as an actress and very different role-playing actress, who got her role in Golmaal Agne and Haider. Though its work is full of bliss but the fun of talking with him is also different.

In one such interview, discussing the success of the chaos in the movie, with the help of his work and the kind of characters he wants to play. Here's an excerpt of discussions with a risky actress in her own words.

Although the chaos has been a good success at the box office, she said that she was considered to be a very risky project, but she said that she always wanted to work with Shriram. My mind is already very respected for them. It's also very interesting as a film maker and the way they are saying stories.

His characters are very different from the other characters in the film. I met him at the time of shooting at Badlapur and I told him that I had to work with you. A few months after that he contacted me with this work. That was a very new scheme, but even though I had joined it because I had never done such a work before.

Talking about the experience of working with Mr. Raghavan, he said that working with them seems very natural and easy. Because they are very knowledgeable about story and characters.

My experience working with them was similar to learning a lesson and they gave me much more than I thought it was. Apart from that he also gave us enough freedom and that was why the connection with them was very interesting.

This experience was very beneficial and beautiful. I thought I was getting success with the experience as well and I am happy to say that everyone associated with this film will have the same views. The film was a bit heavy, and the characters were also written in a slightly different way. And Seima's character was also very challenging.

You have been surprised that you got an inhuman role in a chaotic thriller film, after the performance of Maachis and Haider, that in response to this, Tabu laughed laughing that neither of them nor of me was thrilled to be able to play the character, not being a role.

I was excited to play such characters because I had a mental and emotional connection to the characters, and so I realized that I have to go ahead of all this. I feel as much work as I have a challenging role. These characters inspired me to challenge my boundaries and I worked out of my capacities.

Yes I believe the character of Seema is very cruel, even though the character seemed very real and natural in the film. The main reason for this is the firm belief that Shriram has a special style of making films. And he says that people are looking for a different kind of movie. And that movie only succeeds when the film succeeds in holding the viewers to the last.

Tabu says that he is always known to break the rules and risk a person who says that yes, in my opinion this is correct and that the adjectives I received are also true, but it has not worked to break rules ever. The kind of choice you make is only from what kind of person you are and what your personality is like.

So doing any work normally is a good thing too. But sometimes people are living their life according to their opinions. And I do not see any reason not to do unusual work. The field of cinema is very creative and creative. So there is also the liberty of expressing themselves differently to each of us. The characters I selected never felt threatened.

This was the only way to do my work, and this was a very common thing for me because these characters only excited me and besides that I had an opportunity to make something unusual and my novels were written by my scriptwriter.

And writing deeply and I had to judge my creativity by my acting. These directors were supposed to live with my imagination in my imagination, so they became a mirror of mine and my life.

When you were doing very little films, were you sure that if you worked patiently you would get good characters. Did you not feel insecure feeling or in response to it, Tabu said that I have never felt the feeling of insecurity.

When I did not work, I was not waiting for some good characters at the time but yes, I had full faith in the fact that if I do something then I would have liked it. And I found the need for a special reason to accept any film. And where I got the reason I got the reason.

Would you have been waiting for a favorable time for you, rather than direct competition with young actresses, that in response to that, Tabu said that I would never have made myself comfortable
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