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Monday, March 25, 2019

The highest CPC keyword in blog

The highest CPC keyword in blog

Here are the top 10 highest paid Adsense keywords for 2019 (by industry/niche):

  1. Insurance $58 CPC
  2. Gas/Electricity $54 CPC
  3. Mortgage $47 CPC
  4. Attorney $47 CPC
  5. Loans $44 CPC
  6. Lawyer $42 CPC
  7. Donate $42 CPC
  8. Conference Call $42 CPC
  9. Degree $40 CPC
  10. Credit $38 CPC
Today, we bring you the top 25 keyword's highest counter-click Google Ads North, Canada (Canada) for you (also known as a Google AdWords) for its neighbors (CPC):

Canadian Data Set has changed some interesting keywords to the high end of the CPS - let's take a look!

Highest CPC-Keyword-Canada-Infographic
Everyone wants to go to Canada
We all know the related insurance related keywords are everywhere, but there was a definite keyword set with our Canadian data: (Canadian Dollar for Super Visa) $ 21.17 Insurance Average CPC

What Cats Are Super Visas? This is a special visa for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens who allow their relatives to travel to Canada for two years without renewing their visa status. To protect Super Visa, you should have proof of health insurance that is valid in Canada.

In November 2016, Boston Globe reported that in search of "Step in Canada" Google was actually forced to go down to Canada's immigration website.

Canada Search Trends
No wonder these keywords are so expensive! stock treding

The business is growing
Perhaps all new immigrants are starting small businesses? The top 25 expensive keywords in Canada are related to many products and services that businesses need to run. For example:

Selling device icon - popular and competitive word category such as "Restaurant POS System" and "Toast Break" (brand) restaurants to provide POS systems, which are the hungry potty and maple syrup pie for the Canadians and the keyword because of the keyword Enable payment for it.
Mummies, yogurt

Top 5 keywords in the Canadian category, such as "Telifoning Software" and "Cold Calling Software", which include the need to be extremely difficult to work around Canadian anti-spam laws - calling software, it's better to comply with the calling software!
Merchant Account - This is a type of bank account that allows you to accept credit card payments. If you are running a business (and want to pay) it is useful again.
You will see a full list of more business keywords - "Offer paid services," "customer tech voice", "by commercial software" ... Canadians are never leaving?

They are polishing their site with "Site Search", creating marketing videos that require "stock music" and want to get help from their "social media marketing management".

Buying a new home in Canada? You may need plumbing help
"Plumber Search" and "Hot Water Tank", both of our Canadian data are not available as the most expensive - "plumber" is a crisis situation, "! Now fix it", the types of searches, those keywords are everywhere expensive And often in Canada (average winter, Winnipeg, 15 degrees high daily), it is often not surprising that people who have changed your water heater.

Trends Canada
"Moving Services" is also at the top of the top 20 - again there can be an indication that many people are going to Canada these days.

What Do Canadian Keywords Know About You?

About the information
Here we got a list, all the data we pulled were recorded between the Anonymous AdWords Performance Grader Report and between June 12, June 1, 2016, 2017 all businesses and the top 1000 were seeing the most expensive keywords and classified them with the original objectives .

For example, we have included the keyword "bail bond" and "bail bond los angeles" in the same category because the original purpose is the same. Similarly, various types of lawyers (such as "malpractice lawyer" and "injury lawyer") or insured keywords were grouped together. We were used to avoid the typical feature of the last time, using a very specific long tail or a local keyword, which will be widely applied to a large number of businesses. We're different as possible to different services (terminals against pest control).

We have filtered keywords with less than 100 clicks from our data set. We just saw advertisers bidding in USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, and ZAR and analyzed different currencies. We removed non-English ads and duplicates (where both keyword and CPC were exactly the same) from the set. The results you read about this article are in CAD.

Information, Analysis and Cillaaa everyone who helped describe the collection: Our data analyst Josh Brace, our web team leader Mag Lister and our designer Kate Lindsey
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